Mother Jungle Herbs

All our business relations with the farms in South America are strictly under fair trade regulations. Always thriving to improve through business and product development, farms, communities, & operational improvements. Certified Kosher, GMP, Organic, & HACCP.

The Leading Supplier of South American Raw Organic Superfoods and Botanicals Extracts High quality control, best value and Premium service!

Mother Jungle Herbs Inc. is a well established industry leader in raw material, botanical extracts and nutritional supplements. All processing plants that our extracts come from are GMP certified and most of our products are certified Kosher.

Mother Jungle Herbs firmly believes that quality is a fundamental requirement for all of its activities. Our quality control system is based on rigorous analysis of all batches of herbs and raw materials used in our production processes.

Mother Jungle Herbs products meet all of our specifications based on analysis methods in line with legal requirements and our own, even stricter quality controls. Our suppliers staff are highly-qualified with a high level of experience in the botanical sector.

Mother Jungle Herbs has been importing and supplying botanical extracts and herbs exclusively from South America since 2000.

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I was born in Lima Peru, attended Ricardo Paloma University to Major in Economics. I developed my interest in the industry working on a government project growing Maca in the mountains of Junin. In 1995 I moved to the United States and resided in California. Co-Founded Mother Jungle Herbs in 2000. The Company continues to grow as the leading source from South American Products. Believing in the potential of raw organic products and their benefits.



I was born in Lima Peru, Majored in Philosophy. I have been in touch with herbs in Native Peru. Seeing all the benefits of raw natural products used by native Peruvians. Co-founded Mother Jungle Herbs in 2000. Bringing Raw Organic Products from South America in order to improve health in USA.

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